News & Notables December 21, 2018

news thread dec 21 2018
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Happy Winter Solstice! For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it marks the dark-light transition for the next 6 months.
All kinds of crazy today.
Protests in Sudan over gov-mandated food price increases. Response? Tear gas.
Protests in Portugal over the UN Migration pact & gov corruption.
The Wall gofundme is up over 13m now.
US gov shutdown to go forward, but it’s 75% funded, and many employees are going to be off for the Christmas holidays anyway. One could argue it’s a perfect time for a shutdown.
Syrian withdrawal – the for and against crowds really show the allegiances.
New Qanon posts today plus analysis.
Many other interesting bits of news, digs & research.

News & Notables December 10, 2018

News thread for Dec 10, 2018
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Qanon at the South Pole. Antarctica seems to be mentioned a lot lately. What are they doing there exactly?
Qposts from late last night and today. A hint at ending the Fed plus much more.
Russia’s show of force in Venezuela.
More fraud charges against various people everywhere.
Huawei CFO puts up $11M in assets for bail (with a billionaire father).
Macron using more of Other People’s Money to attempt to placate #YellowVests. They aren’t pleased.
UN Migration pact goes ahead in Marrakech, almost like it is being forced through irrespective of what anyone thinks…

Loads more here:

Chat Room Dec 9 2018

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Includes calendars with 11 months of Q-related happenings and the 25 demands of France’s Yellow Vest Movement (they are quite reasonable)

News & Notables December 7, 2018

News Thread December 7 2018
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Donald Trump has been standing up for people for a very long time. It’s no different now that he is President Trump.
A counter report is being issued, to the Mueller report.
Clinton Foundation is getting increased scrutiny. What will show up once that door is opened?
Comey gives his testimony, and it looks like more stonewalling.  The truth will surface eventually.
Our friends in France gear up for another round of protests. Will they manage to oust Macron the globalist? Godspeed to all patriots in the EU, we stand with you.
China machinations continue, Huawei sneaky business is getting exposed, including bank fraud.
Germany’s Merkel replacement is a protege of Merkel’s.
Stock market is swinging wildly.
Loads more news & views from everywhere.

News & Notables December 6, 2018

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Happenings around the world.
China is up to sneaky business. Everyone denies knowing about the Huawei CFO arrest.
More nations stand up against the evil UN migration pact.
EU army is going in to ‘QUELL’ GiletsJaunes? The beatings will continue until the morale improves.
Tourist areas in Paris being closed over riot fears. What do they have planned?
Unusual outrage over the Huawei CFO arrest – communist deep state fighting back?
Communist dictatorship is alive and well in China: those who document, disappear.
Grassley stands for what’s right.
Everyone’s got an opinion on what President Trump should or shouldn’t do (SPOILER – he’s a strategic and stable genius and knows exactly what he’s doing)
Strange US marine plane crash in Japan – was it hacked?
Clinton Foundation is back in the news…what are Huber and Whitaker doing behind the scenes?
Today’s posting from Qanon.

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News & Notables December 5, 2018

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USA Gymnastics files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Costa Ricans arrest resort guard in death of Florida woman.
A win for #GiletsJaunes as Macron agrees to scrap the fuel tax completely. Qposts from today outline the Huber, Whitaker, Deep State delay plays and much more.  GHWB state funeral. News on movement of metal prices and a reminder that the System is still on shaky ground. Globalism is NOT the answer. 
Lots of other US and Global News and politics!

Check out our chatroom archive from today as well…

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