News & Notables February 1, 2019

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What a day!
President Trump announces the US will pull out of the INF treaty with Russia, citing that for 30 years they abided by it while Russia did not. Fair enough. Presumably a new deal will be made, but this displeases those who were profiting greatly from anti Russia and anti America dealings.
EU finds a way to facilitate international exchange with Iran despite the sanctions. More profiteering.
Venezuela has a lot of gold and Maduro is trying to get it out of the country. Who is he paying? What is the real deal there? How is it that they have tons of gold and yet the people are starving?
Bank of England is being cagey with the gold they supposedly have in safekeeping. Is it even there or has it been lent out to parties unknown?
State of the Union is set to take place on February 5. The stage is set and it will be exciting!
Markets have the best January in a long time, and US manufacturing has skyrocketed. Thank you President Trump (stable genius).
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News & Notables December 29, 2018

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2018 is fast slipping away, and things around the world are getting increasingly strange.
The government shutdown is not about the border wall. What is it really about?
‘Foreign’ malware targets US media.
Odd happening at the Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport, a ‘partial equipment failure involving a jet bridge’.
The Tribunal Report is firing up their Twitter and Youtube to broadcast military tribunals in the US and worldwide. Whatever for?
It looks like Syria is getting freed, and invited back into the Arab League.
But as always, the refugees get the short end of that stick.
Gatwick drone story gets more suspicious by the day.
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News & Notables December 27, 2018

news thread dec 27 2018
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Another day of world happenings…
It came out that the US embassy in Iraq was attacked either during or directly after the POTUS visit to the troops there. Good thing they had solid defenses in place.
The UAE is reopening their embassy in Damascus, Syria after 6 years.
Government shutdown goes on, the paychecks of some workers are in question.
Globalists continue to screech globalistically.
Huawei sneaky dealings continue to get exposed.
Clintons have been practicing Haitian black magic for a long time. You’d think they would have angered the Haitian voodoo spirits with all the things they did to Haiti? Guess that proves the voodoo guys don’t care any more about humanity than the Clintons do.
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News & Notables December 8, 2018

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Yellow jacket protests continue and spread. Yellow jacket protesting has now been outlawed in Canada, and injuries to protestors being reported in France.  Macron is very nervous and not supported by the military.
Media is attempting to downplay the seriousness of this, but it’s clear a change is coming. Will we see the next level soon?
The Belgian government may collapse over the signing of the evil UN Global Migration Pact. Sounds serious for something ‘inoffensive and non binding’.
News about China, Iran, Venezuela, Israel, Zimbabwe and much more.

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