Chaos in Chile – Destabilization Efforts

With heavy weaponry, police barracks are attacked in Chile.
The political left and the deep state continue to destabilize the Latin American country, seeking to generate division, chaos and possible civil war.

The police report of Carabineros de Chile, for the attack on the barracks, Holding of the commune of the Farm of the capital.
In five pages, the events that ended with two gunmen wounded by gunshot and with four other civilians were also damaged. “Around 8:00 p.m., after peaceful demonstrations developed by the feminist movement” The Thesis “, outside the Tenure Mauricio Rivera López located at Av. La Serena N ° 10537, La Granja Commune, hooded subjects seriously violated public order. ”
This is how Report No. 333 begins today, December 6, 2019. The document is called “Attack Tenencia M. Rivera, 13th Com. The Farm, with the result of police injured by ballistic impact ”and describes the events that occurred yesterday in the commune of the southern sector of the capital.

The text, which was accessed by La Tercera, details in five pages how during the attack “incendiary barricades and aggressions with blunt elements, incendiary devices and use of firearms, against police and police barracks” were generated. “In this context, Carabineros made progressive use of the elements of deterrence (gases) and protection (firearms with non-lethal and lethal ammunition) defined in its action protocols,” he adds.

As a result of the incidents, it is alleged that Major Cristian Castelli, curator of the 10th Police Station of La Cisterna and Sergeant 2 Rodrigo Bustos, of the Special Forces Police Station were injured. The first suffered “sixth, seventh and eighth rib rib fractures, bruising left hemithorax hematoma by firearm” of a less serious nature; while the second “skull fracture in the left occipital region”, of a serious and important nature.
Four injured civilians are also reported during yesterday’s events.

Regarding the criminal prosecution of the crimes, it is argued that the “prosecutor on duty, María José Paredes Muñoz, ordered the Investigation Police diligently” and also “the Administrative Summary Instruction was prepared by the Administrative Office of the Prefecture South Santiago ”.

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