News & Notables April 7, 2019

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Big news Sunday! Here are just a few of the headlines from today:
Saudi Aramco reveals its financials — and more secrets
Is Beijing Signaling An Imminent Currency Devaluation: China Unleashes Gold Buying Spree
Oil pipeline explodes in Mexico sending flames shooting 16ft into the sky and causing a blackout in surrounding neighbourhoods ‘after thieves tried to steal fuel’ (this seems to be a regular occurrence)
Blade of Nigeria Air Force Helicopter Accidentally Chops Off The Head Of Aircraftman
Theresa May Made ‘Active Choices’ to Stop Brexit, Will Be ‘Held to Account’
Also included: big digs on Libya happenings and Kamala Harris. Don’t miss it – click the link or the pic:
Of course, make sure to check our discord server – lots of interest there:


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