News & Notables January 17, 2019

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Lots happened today in the US.
President Trump called off Speaker Pelosi’s foreign trip at the last minute, in response to the attempt to call off the State of the Union speech. A proportionate response.
The trip was to Brussels (globalist hangout), Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood), and Afghanistan (opium poppy fields) for briefings on security and intelligence. What was it really about?
Also curious, a potential terrorist was apprehended by the FBI for planning to attack the White House today. An unusually huge amount of detail was given in the news reports.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg is fighting pneumonia and the word is that she’ll retire this month.
Sears is saved from oblivion by Eddie Lampert. Time will tell if he got a good deal or not.
A North Korea envoy is on the way to the US for meetings with Pompeo and maybe President Trump. Deals will be made…
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