News & Notables January 16, 2018

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Happy Hump Day! Plenty of stuff happened around the world and in the US.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg cancels her scheduled appearances for Jan 29 and Feb 6. We need proof of life, how about a tiny interview from her bed?
Nancy Pelosi calls for the Jan 29 State of the Union speech to be called off for ‘national security reasons’. Homeland security & others disagree. Hopefully POTUS will stream it on the web from the Oval Office.
People are beginning to realize that the shutdown is not about the wall. It is about something much bigger.
Another caravan forms in Honduras and tries to force its way into Guatemala. Tear gas greets their efforts.
Terrorist attack at a Kenya hotel, one of the victims has a most interesting back story.
ISIS strikes again in Syria, a blatant ploy to try and keep the US from pulling out.
Protests in Zimbabwe over the highest fuel prices in the world are quickly quelled. How does a country that is so poor justify such high prices for a basic commodity?
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