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The Marxist March, Continued

January 23-26, Evo Morales attends a Marxist conclave in Chile. The meeting will be attended by various international leftist figures; Several of them under investigation for trafficking in …, influences, electoral fraud, promoting coups by states, marxist politicians (of the 21st century). In several countries in Europe, Latinoamerica, the clearest case, is the one that is being executed in Chile, under NGO supervision Soristas, Red Cross and UN control. Remember, this same meeting was suspended, and would take place between December 6 and 10, 2019 in Chile, with the name “Grupo de Puebla”, Sao Paulo Forum. It is now scheduled under another name “Forum …” sponsored, backed by the Chilean congress. Again the international Marxist narcosocialism will try to meet in Chile, but now under the facade of the organism of the “Latin American Forum of Human Rights”.

According to the Chilean press, the event will take place at the former Congress of the capital in Santiago. The meeting is promoted by the Chilean congress and the commission of the Senate in charge of “Human Rights”, chaired by the leftist Alejandro Navarro, Senator who maintains close ties with the communist domes, such as Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, In addition to having close links with the narco-dictatorships of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran etc. The former Marxist president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, will participate on January 23 and 26, in the first meeting of the “Latin American Forum of Human Rights”, an event that will be held in Santiago, Chile, as confirmed in the written press, the newspaper La Tercera (means of globalist written press). The event will take place at the former National Congress, located in the capital, Santiago. The “Forum” is promoted by the commission of the Senate, in charge of Human Rights, chaired by Alejandro Navarro. There Morales will be one of the 50 exhibitors who will participate in the event, another of the exhibitors will be the Spanish jurist Baltasar Garzón, who is part of the international legal team that helps Morales defend himself against the allegations of sedition, traffic and terrorism that weighs on his against in Bolivian justice. They will also exhibit politicians and jurists such as the Colombian Piedad Córdoba, the Argentine Oscar Laborde, the Ecuadorian Guamán Adoration, the French Alexis Corbière and the Spanish Juan Carlos Monedero, among others. According to the publication, it states that the forum aims to establish itself as a protective body capable of interceding in “the search for reparation and justice for those who have been victims of crimes against humanity in the world, pursuing, denouncing and condemning all those that violate these universal rights. “

Say NO to the March of Marxist Socialism in LATIN AMÉRICA.

:flag_cl: José Antonio kast Rist: Launches propaganda for the “No” to the new Constitution, a Marxist social that is desired to impose in the South American country, I also point out that by 2020, there is an opportunity to progress and reject a “new” Constitution with a blank sheet, which only It seeks political ends and benefits and will not address Chile’s deficiencies or its social demands.

José Antonio Kast said “there is no time to lose.” The leader of the Chilean Republican Party will broadcast radio notices, despite the official campaign period starting on February 26.

As of this Tuesday, the founder of the Republican Party, José Antonio Kast, will begin spreading propaganda for the “No” to a new Constitution, within the framework of the referendum convened for April 26, 2020.

“There is no time to lose, there are less than four months left for the plebiscite and the Chileans have to inform themselves about the deception of this new Constitution,” the former presidential president told La Tercera.

As explained by the former deputy, in a first stage the propaganda will be focused on radio advertising and the dissemination of messages through different social networks.  “This is the first of several spots that we want to spread on radios and social networks,” he added.

Kast also said he was waiting for how the National Television Council will solve the spaces of the free television propaganda strip for the different options before the April consultation.

“The agreement is a constitutional collusion and from the Frente Amplio to the UDI they want to capture all the plebiscite spaces,” he said.

Servel clarifies deadlines (Electoral Service)

Although the publicity contracted by José Antonio Kast will begin to be transmitted from today, yesterday the Servel clarified that the legal period of political propaganda for the plebiscite officially begins on February 26.

“The propaganda period begins 60 days before the consultation, that is, on February 26,” said the president of the board of directors of Servel, Patricio Santamaría.

Excusing himself of referring to a particular case, Santamaría added that the rule applies to parties and that actions that individuals may take in this area are not regulated.

“The problem is that today we can only control the propaganda of political parties, activities that can be carried out by natural or legal persons or civil society organizations or movements are not regulated,” he said.

Other sources consulted also pointed out that there is a gray area regarding what happens with parties in formation.  Although the Republican Party aspires to be a national community, it has already registered in four regions (O’Higgins, el Maule, Ñuble and La Araucanía).

In addition, Kast said that the propaganda hired is being financed with personal resources of the former deputy.

2020, the most important year in Chile, This is what José Antonio kast referred to in his opinion column Jak: Contrary to what some think, rejecting this new Constitution born of blackmail and violence may be the most patriotic act committed to  Our story we can make.

Last day of a hectic year, full of emotions and anguish, which has lengthened so much that we never thought it would end.  But it ends, and tomorrow begins another that will be even more difficult for our country and where we already know that fundamental things are played for the future of our compatriots.

On April 26, 2020 we will have a national referendum, where more than 14 million Chileans will have the opportunity, through the approval or rejection of the New Constitution, an opportunity to judge what has happened in Chile in the last 40 years  and outline what you expect to happen in the next 40.

Beyond chimuchina and populism, the data shows that Chile is the most successful country of the last 40 years in Latin America and that its social, economic and institutional progress is an example for the region and for the world.  Perhaps the most concrete and expressive fact of this is how we have advanced in the Human Development Index, which measures much more than the economy and shows how there are nations that are involved and others are rightly going backwards. In this index, data on health, education, economy and others show how we have advanced towards a much more comprehensive development and that, in the aggregate, millions of Chileans have benefited from this progress.

Without a doubt, we need much more.  The challenges of modernity have also evidenced the shortcomings that our people have, the anguishes of the middle class, and the problems that the most vulnerable suffer.  To say that our structure and constitutional trajectory has been successful does not seek to slam the demands and social urgencies, but to put in perspective the place where we are located and from where we want to move forward.

In Chile we have many outstanding debts on issues such as health, education, public safety and pensions, for which we need deep reforms that allow us to continue making progress.  Our only objection is that it is not necessary to change our Fundamental Charter, nor to submit it to the full scrutiny of a blank sheet, in order to materialize those changes. In the last three months the country has become poorer, more unequal and less attractive to foreigners and investors. Trusts have weakened and the bitterness of our people overflows the streets and offices of our narrow strip of land.

The economy and employment will be greatly affected in the coming months and the nation’s debts will increase, pressing various rates and going back to the situation many years ago.  Even so, the Constitutional Plebiscite will be an opportunity to carry out the critical judgment and ratify our adherence to the successes and challenges of our current Fundamental Charter.

Contrary to what some think, rejecting this new Constitution born of blackmail and violence may be the most patriotic act committed to our history.  It is an opportunity to stop this blank check process that some want to give to the violentists and ratify the path that Chile chose towards development and freedom.  It is up to each one of us that this 2020 is not the last year of our lives as a free, independent country in search of development.  There is a lot at stake.

Source articles in Spanish are below:



Weaving Spiders and Other Creepiness: Molech's Pad Explored

These photos were obtained by Jim Stone and posted to his site first. At his request, there is no link back however I wanted to give him proper credit for this extremely strange, creepy and timely find. Epstein’s Pedophile Isle 2.0, so secluded, dark implications. Enjoy…

“Moloch temple” facts – to counter misperceptions and in a few spurious cases, the standard trollage:
1. This place is built like a combination of a convention center and a resort. It was impossible to capture the scale of this building due to the way it was proportioned. The room behind the eyes would have at least a 25 foot ceiling and the eyes are about 20 feet wide per eye with both of them equaling about 50 feet including the space between them. They are clearly visible as an “evil face” for well over a mile but you have to be on the surrounding mountains to see this. Under the spider web there is enough space for at least 50 foot trees.
2. This is not a millionaire project, it is a billionaire/trillionaire project that also got, in part, paid for by tax revenues that were siphoned off of environmental programs.
3. Not pictured: There are 3 different dams on the property, there specifically for this place. The smallest one is in one of the pictures. The actual scale of this place is approximately the same as Epstein’s island. There is lots of stuff not pictured in the report.
4. It is very remote, but buses can get there. The roads are not paved but also don’t need 4 wheel drive. There is enough LP gas storage on this property to empty an LP truck and nothing would need that much, unless you wanted to run a nice ceremonial fire show. They also don’t use the gas for heating water because the place has a very large solar water heating array. It is not a “solar heater”, it is an array. I don’t know what on earth they’d need that much hot water for.Here is some of the solar water heating array. Note the size of this, it is only on one small not noticed portion of the roof, and that little piece of roof is as much as a house would have. Why do they need that much hot water, and you can at least get a feel for the scale of this place from this picture:
(pic was missing, I think I failed to save it in time but there’s more pics below)
5. Claudia somehow got information that indicates this place was asked for by British royalty and that it was the European illuminati that put it in. Obviously, from some of the stuff on the ground there is at least an occult type of Jewish influence here also. These would not be people you’d leave your kids with.
6. It is kept in perfect functional condition and is occasionally used and between uses the groundskeepers don’t bother with the details. There are plenty of little messes from “work in progress”.
7. The place emits an evil presence that reaches out for about 5 miles and can be felt by people who don’t even know anything is there.
8. It is somewhat probable that after a report such as this that they’ll tear it down because they want their secrecy and don’t have it anymore. Then again, I have not given out the coordinates so the verdict is still out on that.
9. Though the place is quite private there are ranchers in the area that can see it, at least if they have to go after a straggling cow. However, they would probably not know what it is and would not be able to see into it well enough to observe what is going on.
10. The place definitely could detain people on the lower floor and probably also has a bunker complex. There is simply too much support there for just the surface appearances.
11. This place, with the way it is set up, would be the #1 choice for those who wanted to get through a zombie apocalypse. It would handle that type of scenario with style and comfort and absolutely anyone who mattered could be there. It would be tough to overcrowd. I’d love to have that place after a few exorcisms and a little re-construction to get rid of the creepiness, it is a five star bug out. Exactly the type of place any survivalist would want. I am sure the location it is in was chosen with that in mind.

To those speculating why I am keeping the actual location of the molech temple under wraps – I am keeping it under wraps for the “dead man switch” plus to provide a reason to stop messing with this site’s funding. I’ll wait a while to see what happens with that. Some people are speculating I am afraid of retribution if I give the coordinates. That’s not it.

Molech for the BIG BOYS.

The grove, as it turns out, appears to be for the laborers.(I’ll post a disclaimer here – I have not been to the grove to see how nice it is, but I can surely state it does not get nicer than this.) What I have here is the upgrade, that includes f*** rooms inside Molech’s head, in an absolutely private and pristine setting that is nearly unapproachable and was only reached with a fair amount of work.

By the way, this place can, like the grove, have flames come out of the ground plus a place for hangings plus an obvious ritual tower and it’s a really spooky molech which clearly has F*** rooms behind the eyes. Additionally the place is suitable for child hunts, no child would ever get out of those woods and the entire main theme is “weaving spiders come out at night.” ALL DOCUMENTED.

This particular post is going to be worth alerting David Icke, Alex, and everyone else over. It is totally new stuff, and another Grove and Epstein’s island all rolled into one.

First of all, context.

These photos were taken with one of the world’s most powerful cameras and this particular shot, which was the only way to get the molech face was taken from a mountain that was about a kilometer away. I have others that were taken right on the boundary but for what we are dealing with here, this was the only way to get what this really is to show. it’s a molech “convention center” with a weaving spider’s roof. The actual size of this is about 20,000 square feet. In front of this is a 15 acre field that is perfectly open and showing Molech perfectly (once you get past the fence). Embedded into the ground are numerous pipes that can shoot flames. The entire location is very luxurious with a full time groundskeeper and security who live in the home in the foreground that is about 200 yards away from the Molech. You can’t tell any of this in this particular image because of the image depth compression that happens with a mega powerful lens. For example, the trees are old growth and have trunks 8 feet in diameter, and the tower is taller than them. You’ll see how huge this all is in subsequent photos.

This next item is pretty much the same thing as the first, with a little different framing and a cropped out example item to provide context for just how large this place is. The scaling is way off from what your perceptions would guess.

The home in the foreground is about 200 yards closer and uphill from this temple (it is actually sitting higher than the base of this temple) and is approximately a 1500 square foot home. It’s just buried in the trees (which are enormous old growth).

Well lookie here. Just like Epstein’s “fantasy island” there’s a pile of mattresses visible through a window. 
If you want to screw a kid in the eye of Molech under a great big spider web, this is obviously the place to do it. I wonder who books this place. just kidding. I don’t “wonder”. I have answers. Later with that, I want my dead man switch.

For context, here is the actual layout of the place.

Now that there’s context, let’s get on the ground around this place.

The entire place is set up so that if you are not familiar with it, you’d never know it was there. It is absolutely buried in the trees totally out in the wilderness, and the moloch area and large courtyard (it is about 15 – 20 acre courtyard) are completely obscured and can only be approached via a river that is flanked on both sides by 20 foot cliffs.

These cliffs are buried in tall weeds and brush and are invisible until you almost step off. It would not be a death drop unless you starved to death with broken legs. High enough to break legs and be impossible for a kid to get over but not high enough to kill (most of the time.) It can be accessed by going a considerable distance downstream and walking up, or by coming down from upstream where security would easily see you and nail you.

This place is permanently staffed by people who live in auxiliary buildings and a house you can see in the aerial shot.

the natural looking barriers that are too good to be true are important to note, because there’s no way you’d ever stumble across this place, it takes a purposeful effort to get to it. There’s a gated road on the east side that attaches to the property (I’ll show that later) but if you want to know what is in this place, that road is a no-go, nothing telling is visible and I don’t think you’d want to be caught beyond the gate.

The entire place is surrounded by a cliff like this. You have to go down it AND UP it to get up to the level this temple sits at. However, there is in one spot an access from the courtyard with stairs that goes down into this “moat” which provided a way to get a shot of the courtyard.

Even though you can look right into the courtyard, you can’t see the temple from ANYWHERE along the moat because the trees and other obstacles are perfectly placed to block a view of the temple no matter where you look from, (from the other side of the fence.) It has perfect privacy.

Another detail is that if there’s a kid hunt, no kid that manages to breach the fence is getting across that moat, NO WAY. Only, it does not look like an intentional moat, it all looks perfectly natural. It is Perfect.

Here is a look into the courtyard from the top of the steps that went into the moat. This is fenced and locked off from the moat but that is not showing in the photo.

One thing to point out here is that you can’t see anything from the moat. The fence is right up against the moat also, you can’t easily walk the edge and in the few places it is possible, no matter where you look from you can’t see a thing despite the fact it looks like you ought to be able to in the aerial photo.

Oh, another thing to point out is that the place is set up for ceremonies much like what Alex talked about. If you look in the lower right hand corner of the courtyard pic, you can see a mound of rocks with a pipe sticking out. That shoots fire like in the molech video Alex got and a lot of these mounds are visible around the perimeter of the courtyard in the aerial shot.

The courtyard shot is pretty much the best that could be done during the day with security walking the place. About those other night time photos for later . . . . . well, I’ll wait, this post is only a notification, as stated earlier.

But there’s some other cool stuff, that will provide context. Here it is:

This is how nestled it is into it’s private spot, way the hell out in the boonies.
You’d never in a million years, from this spot, guess it has a moat and you can’t just go to it. All of that is perfectly obscured.

There is a scissor lift on the property. Take a look at the branding on it. What a laugh!

This is the nice peaceful “country road” that actually goes down to the place. Considering the place is staffed, it would not be wise to go down un-announced. One thing I did not point out is that it is obvious this place is designed to accommodate “parties” of 1000+ and it is obviously seasonally used.
I have a pile of photos of this place and it all boils down to what should I post?

How about if I post a couple of ultimate close ups?

Gee. There’s trees in there. Greta Thunberg would like that. Let’s call this the Thunberg Hotel.

Actually, that’s an important shot because you can clearly see the table and chairs, and put them in context for how large this temple is. also, look down below. There are portal windows with bars in them.

Why don’t all the windows have bars? Gosh. Why are they only on those small portal windows? Oh well, at least there’s light down there.

I don’t think this is where the finer accomodations are.

BIRD STRIKE. A bird broke one of the windows on the tower

I gotta say, I have never seen creepy like this, especially with those stacked up beds in the adjascent window. Yikes. They did those slit eyes with the drapes on purpose, don’t try telling me that was happenstance.

Oh, and a little side note here: I have uncovered that this place was in part financed by people’s taxes, with the excuse to get financing being that the spider web was a terrarium and they “planted lots of trees”. Only, it was not stated to the public what the place actually was and the public is not invited. It was just a way to divert funding and get it done on the public dime. Classic! It would be fun to alert the public about this so they could demand access!

Thank you Jim, for this important exposure. One thing is sure, what they get up to in secluded areas where no one can see them, is far different than what they do in the public eye.


The left as the so-called right-wing parties, have decided to put their signature on a document that enshrines the blank sheet to carry the destinies of Chile in the next two years and be at the mercy of “violence, barricades and terrorist anarchism” .

In this regard, the former presidential candidate José Antonio Kast, President of the Chilean Republican Party, said: Those who signed the agreement, from the left-wing parties as Broad Front to the false-right-wing parties such as UDI, have decided to put their signature on a document that it consecrates the blank sheet to carry the destinies of Chile in the next two years and be at the mercy of the violence and the barricades, which are the main responsible for the destruction that has occurred in recent days.

The Government has just presented its Anti-Abuse Agenda, but left out the major abuse: the Pact for the New Constitution sealed between the right and the left that seeks to change the economic and social model that has brought more progress to Chile.

Those who signed the agreement, from the Broad Front to the UDI, have decided to put their signature on a document that enshrines the blank sheet to carry the destinies of Chile in the next two years and be at the mercy of violence and barricades, They are the main responsible for the destruction that has occurred in recent days.The “surveys”, which previously gave almost 100% as a priority to the New Constitution, today plummet against the evidence of job losses, economic chaos and the paralysis of investments in the country.

They do it because the real Chilean, ordinary people, are not worried about the discussions of radical feminists or the political agenda of the historical leaders of the so-called representatives of the original people. No, they are worried about their daily lives and the social injustices and urgencies that have been pending for years and decades.

Two years ago, the so-called No + AFP movement (retirement system) claimed to have called 1 million people to vote for its proposal that ended with the individual capitalization system in Chile. A few months later, in the formal, transparent and majority elections, the people of Chile twice opted to support the candidate who did not promote the term of the AFPs, but perfected and introduced improvements to the system. Fraud, failed citizen consultation: On Sunday, December 15, in the midst of allegations of fraud, duplication of the vote and the participation of children under 14 years of age, not contemplated in the law, except in the constitution. Act that was disseminated by a large part of the media, written press, television and corporate mass media that are under the control of the left, who spread the process as successful.

In this regard José Antonio Kast said: A great success ?, where it was claimed that more than 2 million people (a universe of 10 to 12 million voters, national level) would have participated in the communal and municipal consultation, about 80 per One hundred of them would have supported the New Constitution. As we have said and we will repeat it until weary: Those of us who are against the New Constitution know that all political sectors, plus all media are against us, and for the purposes of public debate, we start with score 8 to 2 against .

But we also know that there are 5 months left for the Plebiscite and that we have the arguments, the proposals and the spirit to carry out an alternative campaign, that interprets the millions of Chileans who do not believe in this blank check and who are not willing to risk your progress and that of all Chileans in exchange for revolutionary adventures that have proven their failure in various parts of the world.Together with many people, civil society leaders and politicians who are not part of this agreement of constitutional collusion, we will build step by step the campaign we need to win the Rejection option and save the country from the constitutional ambush to which it has been dragged.

We also know that it will be a broad coalition, that thinks very different things and that has different motivations to reject this plebiscite. But the big difference is that there will be no collusion pact or darkness in the proposals we present and the campaign we seek to lead. Finally, José Antonio Kast added that in a transpabusinesses and the tranquility of millions of Chileans.

Remember that the Latin American nation was and continues to be attacked by international NGOs, UN organizations. With direct, and indirect relationship of the international left of Venezuela, Cuba etc. Not forgetting that for a long time the country was infiltrated through false treaties, including migratory etc. “Agreements” promoted by the different governments and presidents of Chile. But today there is an attack from the entire sphere of the deep state that seeks to impose a false “new” constitution, in the Marxist Bolivarian style.

Translated from Spanish, original version here:



INCREASED DEBTS LOAN PAYMENTS: The Government of China has again had to go out to rescue the Chinese Banks, after a wave of bankruptcies that seems to have no end. The Asian giant “seems” to have a problem he doesn’t want to recognize. The National Bank of China denies it, but the truth goes further, between zombie companies and banks begin to be nationalized in secret to avoid a crisis in China.

Add and follow 6 months of bankruptcies, stampedes and bailouts of Chinese banks

Baoshang: “For the first time a bank in China goes bankrupt,” a bottomless house of cards …
The first to fall was in May, the Baoshang Bank, then it was the Jinzhou Bank 1. Then, two months ago, in September 2019, the Heng Feng Bank of China with 1.4 billion [10 ^ 12] yuan in assets , failed in silence and was nationalized in silence. Today a prominent fourth Chinese bank [Yichuan Bank] was on the verge of collapse under the weight of its bad loans, only this time the failure was much less silent, as the rural loan holders swarmed the bank’s retail branches, demanding their Furious money in demonstration, the situation that Beijing most fears, is a bank stampede [massive and rapid withdrawal of funds]. This was the last, most desperate attempt by China to project stability and reassure the public, “everything is fine”,

At the end of May for the first time in three decades, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and public banking regulators took control of an insolvent bank. They did so publicly with the apparent objective of sending a message to other banks to control the risks associated with the loans. In doing so they may have triggered the ruling, of one of the chains, of one of the largest, dull and least regulated banking systems in the world: China’s local and regional banks were always poorly regulated, earning the epithet of parallel banks. It is estimated that the total assets of China’s small and medium-sized banks are close, and equal to the four gigantic public banks that are regulated. A crisis that spreads from there could have serious consequences.

The Chinese government has a problem with its banks: the Harbin Bank, a new bailout

Concerns about the Chinese banking system begin to be high in the global financial system, as well as what can happen if Chinese banks go “to hell”. As the technical bankruptcies happen, plus the rescue by the Government of Xi Jinping, more red lights are going on in the world economy.

The last bank rescued “by sneaking” has been the Harbin Bank, a medium-sized Chinese entity, as revealed by the Wall Street Journal, has had to change its private shareholders for public capital to avoid bankruptcy.

Harbin Bank, is one of the largest banks in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang, northeast of China, with assets of 622 billion yuan on its balance sheet as of June 30, 2019, listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. It has become the fifth bank, after Baoshang Bank, Bank of Jinzhou, Heng Feng Bank, and Henan Yichuan Rural Commercial Bank, which will be rescued by the State, becoming 48% controlled by two government entities, after that six private shareholders transfer their shares worth US $ 2100 million, according to a statement issued Friday night by the entity itself.

China warns the world of a possible economic recession

China in recession? Not for the world of luxury

US and China, the risks of a new recession

With financial markets in impending recession, plus a hundred countries under Marxist attacks, a threat is added worldwide for a possible “new” planetary recession. Meanwhile, the US and China have decided to resume certain agreements … Amid the supposed “trade war” that will have unforeseeable consequences.

“The world economy is going to recession”

The public debt and the Chinese Recession will be behind the next economic ‘shock’

China’s Debts are a tangle that worries economists around the world. Under the International Payment Bank, China’s total debt amounted to 252.7% of its GDP.
The Chinese sold their false liquidity to the West, today it also falters … an eye for an eye, it is clear that in China “Not everything that Shines is gold”.

The Disappointment of Michelle Bachelet’s Aunt

Dear niece, what have you become?

Letter to Michelle Bachelet Geria, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Michelle Bachelet: I may not miss this public letter that I am addressing you today: I have known you since you were born and that’s why everything you do and say has been under my magnifying glass.

From your few years of university, (because you never received a degree.) You militated in groups of extreme left, the socialist brigade ELMO CATALAN and then the MIR. Always trying to undermine the established order, driven by your strong Marxist convictions, instilled from your cradle by your mother Angela Geria, a communist militant.

Your father, my half brother Alberto, a complete and good man, just succumbed to the Marxist chant and participated in the most decadent position that an FFAA officer can hold: HEAD OF THE JAP (popular food supply boards) established by Allennde, in the face of food shortages so typical of communist countries.

His death, that you and your communist mother, tried to turn into a martyrdom, was the result of the manipulations that you exercised to convince him to carry out such a denigrating mission: to protect the rationing of a people, which throughout its history has never He had known such humiliation and famine.

Today, as you have not learned the lesson, that the Chilean people will never surrender to the sinister Marxist plan.
You use your high position, as Commissioner of human rights, to try again to subdue a country, who loves their freedom and is willing to give their lives for Democracy and Freedom.

Where are the human rights of 54.5% of the people of Chile who elected Sebastian Piñera as President of the nation?
Where is the plurality of observers in Chile?

Why are your representatives and commissioners headed by Mr. Micco all Marxists? You who always declared yourself in favor of plurality? Why do you attack the Forces of Order, represented by. Carabineros, who do nothing but repel the REVOLUTION OF MARXUSM? Do you attack the armed forces, which one day your father had the honor of integrating? And that later, they helped you out of the country.

It was Generals Leigh and Mattei, who took you and your mother from Chile. Giving you the option of choosing the country to settle in, and you curiously chose the most communist of the regimes of the time: East Germany, for the intimate friendship your mother had with the wife and the Dictator Horneker, a recognized human rights violator, that you ironically defend today!

Everything that represents order and stability makes you appear as contrary to human rights!
And ours where are they? Our churches are raped, attacked and burned. Your women, who say they are emancipated, challenge with our repetitive feminist chant to our Sanctuary of Maipú, symbol of the freedom and independence of Chile.

Freedom of worship, professing a faith and the respect that it entails, IS ALSO A HUMAN RIGHT, but you as an atheist and little nationalist say nothing: shut up and grant!
Chile, a country respected and admired in the world for its sobriety and republican spirit, has become a laugh, where its Chamber of Deputies, composed of petty clowns, ignorant and disrespectful, have become a poor circus and without arguments.Where you can not move freely, because hooded mobs attack and destroy everything in its path.

I congratulate you Michelle ‘with your carelessness you have achieved, what seemed impossible yesterday: destroy our economy, so admired by our Latin American brothers, you have managed to introduce a severance that will reach two digits, you have destroyed the sources of work, SMEs, our transport system Why do you mention anything in your UN report? Isn’t freedom of work and displacement a human right?
But your “Creole Marxist observers, they say nothing, shut up, making eyes blind to Chilean reality.

Oh Michelle, what a pity you give me! Your life has been a farce, you tell yourself Doctor, and you are not, Democrat and neither are you, friend of the people, but you have enriched yourself at the expense of him. All yours is a falsehood.

Your children are a disaster, your private life another. The only thing that saves you is your love for your mother, which humanizes you, but it is the consequence of the death of my brother, your father.
How your half aunt consanguineous, I tell you: you are a shame for the family! Because you are a homeland vendor and you have devoted yourself entirely to a harmful dogma, strange to the idiosyncrasies of the majority of the Chilean nation: Marxism, you are a discarded and the family does not care, because you lack the values ​​that have made this country great. You only care about the triumph of an ideology alien to the vast majority of Chile, and that will not be forgiven by history!

Not only are you a shame for our family, but worse than a shame for Chile.

Patricia Puga M.

Chaos in Chile – Destabilization Efforts

With heavy weaponry, police barracks are attacked in Chile.
The political left and the deep state continue to destabilize the Latin American country, seeking to generate division, chaos and possible civil war.

The police report of Carabineros de Chile, for the attack on the barracks, Holding of the commune of the Farm of the capital.
In five pages, the events that ended with two gunmen wounded by gunshot and with four other civilians were also damaged. “Around 8:00 p.m., after peaceful demonstrations developed by the feminist movement” The Thesis “, outside the Tenure Mauricio Rivera López located at Av. La Serena N ° 10537, La Granja Commune, hooded subjects seriously violated public order. ”
This is how Report No. 333 begins today, December 6, 2019. The document is called “Attack Tenencia M. Rivera, 13th Com. The Farm, with the result of police injured by ballistic impact ”and describes the events that occurred yesterday in the commune of the southern sector of the capital.

The text, which was accessed by La Tercera, details in five pages how during the attack “incendiary barricades and aggressions with blunt elements, incendiary devices and use of firearms, against police and police barracks” were generated. “In this context, Carabineros made progressive use of the elements of deterrence (gases) and protection (firearms with non-lethal and lethal ammunition) defined in its action protocols,” he adds.

As a result of the incidents, it is alleged that Major Cristian Castelli, curator of the 10th Police Station of La Cisterna and Sergeant 2 Rodrigo Bustos, of the Special Forces Police Station were injured. The first suffered “sixth, seventh and eighth rib rib fractures, bruising left hemithorax hematoma by firearm” of a less serious nature; while the second “skull fracture in the left occipital region”, of a serious and important nature.
Four injured civilians are also reported during yesterday’s events.

Regarding the criminal prosecution of the crimes, it is argued that the “prosecutor on duty, María José Paredes Muñoz, ordered the Investigation Police diligently” and also “the Administrative Summary Instruction was prepared by the Administrative Office of the Prefecture South Santiago ”.

The Puebla Group & the takeover of Latin America

ALERT! Latin Americans! Eyes on this new subversion.

 It did not overwhelm them with the destruction of Chile, now the Marxist social mafia, the Puebla Group will meet in Santiago de Chile in December.  Puebla Group prepares the meeting.

 And they continue to refine the fall of democracies in America, especially the Chilean, Argentinian and those that remain to be submitted, its purpose imposing the Marxist social world tyranny using the UN, The NOW.

 The Puebla Group will have intense meetings on December 6, 7 and 8 in Chile. At the Intercontinental Hotel bringing together the Chilean left, and the international left, including Marco Enriquez Ominami, José Miguel Insulza, Guido Girardi, Alejandro Navarro and Karol Cariola, Alberto Fernández (elected president of Argentina), Daniel Martínez, Dilma Rousseff, Rafael Correa (ex President Ecuador), among others …

The event, which could be produced in Valparaíso, was promoted by Latin left and ultra left leaders such as Marco Enriquez Ominami, José Miguel Insulza and Guido Girardi. The objective is to promote the unity of the sector at the Latin American level. That is the objective of the meeting that will be held by the Puebla Group.

A grouping of Latin American progressive leaders.

The initiative will bring together different leaders of the left, such as Senators José Miguel Insulza (PS), Guido Girardi (PPD), Alejandro Navarro (PRO) and Deputy Karol Cariola (PC), along with Ominami himself. In addition, according to the organizers, it is contemplated that the former Brazilian presidential candidate, Fernando Hadad and the Spanish ex-president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, attend.

In the original group, which met for the first time in Mexico last July, 32 leaders actively participate, such as the elected president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández; Uruguay, Daniel Martínez; In addition to former leaders such as Dilma Rousseff of Brazil and Rafael Correa of ​​Ecuador.

This was confirmed by the Progressive Party (PRO), Camilo Lagos. “For the progressives, dialogue, reflection and political articulation is fundamental, given” the success that this initiative has had at the Latin American level “, we want to replicate it in each of the countries, starting with Chile and calling for a transversality of progressive leaders Chileans engaged in unity and critical reflection, independent of the party in which they militate, ”he said.

As explained by the group, for now the meeting would be held in the city of Valparaíso.

The meeting will be held one month after another meeting is held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where all the members of the Group are expected to attend, and only days after the presidential elections of that country are held.

Chile – In the Shadows of the UN

So much virtue signaling, so little actual standing for freedom and the people

Chile buckles under the orders of the Marxist UN.
Sebastian Piñera and human rights violations: “Abuses and crimes were committed and everyone’s rights were not respected.” This is what the president said in his address to the nation.
Not to mention that the serious insiders have been provoked, financed by extremist groups, infiltrators, Venezuelans, Cubans, Colombians, Argentines and Europeans all backed by NGOs. UN human rights groups. etc.

In his speech, the President also pointed out that his Government is ready for a new agreement that could go beyond the announced 20% increase in solidarity basic pensions. They were four days with almost no public appearances after a speech broadcast on national network that made more news for the omissions than for the sayings.
The night of this Sunday, Sebastián Piñera appeared again in front of cameras and microphones to address citizens. Twenty minutes after 9 pm, the President appeared on the front of the Palacio de La Moneda to read his speech. The first allusion was towards citizen mobilizations, reiterating that the Government has listened to citizen requests and that this “has meant valuable learning, because they represent fair and legitimate demands.” But neither did it refer to the total destruction that was done of the country in much of the Chilean territory.

Although in a tone too complacent, than in previous interventions, the president expressed condemnation of the acts of violence that have affected public and private heritage in these four weeks of social mobilizations. “We have all changed, because the social pact broke down and showed its wounds. We need to renew it together, and for that we must all unambiguously condemn the violence, wherever it comes from. ”

Who would destroy their own public infrastructure, the things that make life comfortable? Surely not freedom-loving Chilean patriots.

Center-right government continues to legitimize many of the assemblies of various NGOs. With a wide coverage of Marxist ideology of the main media, press and Television, advertising marketing and assemblies, against the police agencies themselves, armed forces, or people who do not conform to the global Marxist discourse. Referring to possible cases of human rights violations by State Police agents, he expressed his gratitude to the work of Carabineros, but acknowledging that “unfortunately, despite the firm commitment to protect human rights, in some cases they committed abuses and crimes, and the rights of all were not respected, “said the President, and then assured that” there will be no impunity with those who did acts of unusual violence, nor with those who committed abuses and abuses. We will do our best to assist the victims. ” Nor did the president refer to the various attacks that received many police precincts, such as military precincts, In addition to omitting the more 1800 injured police due to the total prohibition to defend and regulate public safety.

I have to admit, barrel shields are really quite ingenious

Regarding the so-called “Agreement for a new Constitution”, it is allegedly a “broad” agreement between the parties of the left, center right. But that in practice is nothing more than validating a system of submission of the people themselves to approve a constitution of communist court in the style of Venezuela and Cuba. Clearly, the Chilean president Sebastián Piñera once again supports the political coup d’etat, promoted through submitting, introducing the chaos and violence handled by the left, international Marxism, which operates in the different ministerial departments of the state, kidnapped more than 16 years, due to political corruption, Latin American narco-dictatorship and infiltration of foreign extremist groups etc.

Piñera also said: The changes lead to a broad and solid commitment, expressing confidence that citizen participation will be the majority at the time of one of the 3 plebiscites, the first scheduled for April next year 2020. He also did not mention or, did he question leftist parties, deputies, senators who widely promoted violence through all media and digital platforms. Today, we try to wash our hands and guilt, as if nothing had happened in Chile, in manifestation only the manifestations were used as a pretext to impose the UN Marxist Bolivarian constitution. So far there are no requests for the people of Chile, which were directly related to the political world that lives in a world that is alien to the reality of their own people, with the highest daily salaries in the world that make them live as true bourgeois and lifestyles as in the communist dictatorships themselves, creating transversely true family and political dynasties.

Finally, the head of government called on the political sectors to meet around a new transversal agreement, this time regarding pensions. “The next agreement we have to build is to improve pensions. Our Government is willing to move beyond the 20 percent that we have proposed, ”however, he recalled that efforts to improve the income of retirees must be made on a fiscal responsibility basis, particularly in the current context of the country that must face the costs of these weeks of social mobilizations.

Economic Report – Chile

Chile’s development path to underdevelopment and poverty.
External debt continues to grow and already exceeds 70% of GDP. In ruins lies the successful free market economic model of the 80s, 90s, 2000s, caused by false “democracies”, and the political system that ruled for almost 30 years in Chile. And today they are aggravated by chaos, the international Marxist attack that the South American nation is experiencing.
The indebtedness reached US $ 195,283 million, of which US $ 64,376 million correspond to payments scheduled for the next twelve months. External debt continued to expand in the third quarter and reached US $ 195,283 million, equivalent to 71.8% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a figure that represented an increase of US $ 1,499 million compared to the previous quarter when it reached 67.5% of the GDP, the Central Bank reported Monday.
Of the total US $ 64,376 million correspond to payments scheduled for the next twelve months, being 37.6% commitments with related companies. The increase in debt was determined by the companies, which increased their indebtedness by US $ 2.654 million (3.5%). This increase was explained by debt securities issues and bond revaluations, as well as loans received during the period.
In the same direction,the government increased its liabilities abroad by US $ 226 million (0.83%), due to rising prices and the issuance of bonds. On the other hand, banks, FDI companies and the Central Bank recorded a reduction in debt of US $ 633, US $ 377 and US $ 360 million, respectively. In the case of banks, the debt decreased due to the payment of their bond obligations; in the case of debt between related companies (FDI), for the depreciation of the Chilean peso against the dollar; and in the case of the Central Bank, for the sale of bonds issued in the local market by non-residents.

In terms of denomination currency, it was observed that 82.3% of the debt is in US dollars; 8.65%, in Chilean pesos; 5.7%, in euros, and the rest in other currencies. Regarding the residual short-term debt, it reached US $ 64,376 million at the end of September, 37.6% corresponding to payments with related companies abroad. In the third quarter, the current account registered a deficit of US $ 3,145 million, equivalent to 4.6% 1 / of GDP; With this, the negative balance accumulated in a mobile year was 3.5% of GDP.

Is this why they say ‘in the red’? Marxist ideology in action
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