Chaos in Chile – Destabilization Efforts

With heavy weaponry, police barracks are attacked in Chile.
The political left and the deep state continue to destabilize the Latin American country, seeking to generate division, chaos and possible civil war.

The police report of Carabineros de Chile, for the attack on the barracks, Holding of the commune of the Farm of the capital.
In five pages, the events that ended with two gunmen wounded by gunshot and with four other civilians were also damaged. “Around 8:00 p.m., after peaceful demonstrations developed by the feminist movement” The Thesis “, outside the Tenure Mauricio Rivera López located at Av. La Serena N ° 10537, La Granja Commune, hooded subjects seriously violated public order. ”
This is how Report No. 333 begins today, December 6, 2019. The document is called “Attack Tenencia M. Rivera, 13th Com. The Farm, with the result of police injured by ballistic impact ”and describes the events that occurred yesterday in the commune of the southern sector of the capital.

The text, which was accessed by La Tercera, details in five pages how during the attack “incendiary barricades and aggressions with blunt elements, incendiary devices and use of firearms, against police and police barracks” were generated. “In this context, Carabineros made progressive use of the elements of deterrence (gases) and protection (firearms with non-lethal and lethal ammunition) defined in its action protocols,” he adds.

As a result of the incidents, it is alleged that Major Cristian Castelli, curator of the 10th Police Station of La Cisterna and Sergeant 2 Rodrigo Bustos, of the Special Forces Police Station were injured. The first suffered “sixth, seventh and eighth rib rib fractures, bruising left hemithorax hematoma by firearm” of a less serious nature; while the second “skull fracture in the left occipital region”, of a serious and important nature.
Four injured civilians are also reported during yesterday’s events.

Regarding the criminal prosecution of the crimes, it is argued that the “prosecutor on duty, María José Paredes Muñoz, ordered the Investigation Police diligently” and also “the Administrative Summary Instruction was prepared by the Administrative Office of the Prefecture South Santiago ”.

The Puebla Group & the takeover of Latin America

ALERT! Latin Americans! Eyes on this new subversion.

 It did not overwhelm them with the destruction of Chile, now the Marxist social mafia, the Puebla Group will meet in Santiago de Chile in December.  Puebla Group prepares the meeting.

 And they continue to refine the fall of democracies in America, especially the Chilean, Argentinian and those that remain to be submitted, its purpose imposing the Marxist social world tyranny using the UN, The NOW.

 The Puebla Group will have intense meetings on December 6, 7 and 8 in Chile. At the Intercontinental Hotel bringing together the Chilean left, and the international left, including Marco Enriquez Ominami, José Miguel Insulza, Guido Girardi, Alejandro Navarro and Karol Cariola, Alberto Fernández (elected president of Argentina), Daniel Martínez, Dilma Rousseff, Rafael Correa (ex President Ecuador), among others …

The event, which could be produced in Valparaíso, was promoted by Latin left and ultra left leaders such as Marco Enriquez Ominami, José Miguel Insulza and Guido Girardi. The objective is to promote the unity of the sector at the Latin American level. That is the objective of the meeting that will be held by the Puebla Group.

A grouping of Latin American progressive leaders.

The initiative will bring together different leaders of the left, such as Senators José Miguel Insulza (PS), Guido Girardi (PPD), Alejandro Navarro (PRO) and Deputy Karol Cariola (PC), along with Ominami himself. In addition, according to the organizers, it is contemplated that the former Brazilian presidential candidate, Fernando Hadad and the Spanish ex-president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, attend.

In the original group, which met for the first time in Mexico last July, 32 leaders actively participate, such as the elected president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández; Uruguay, Daniel Martínez; In addition to former leaders such as Dilma Rousseff of Brazil and Rafael Correa of ​​Ecuador.

This was confirmed by the Progressive Party (PRO), Camilo Lagos. “For the progressives, dialogue, reflection and political articulation is fundamental, given” the success that this initiative has had at the Latin American level “, we want to replicate it in each of the countries, starting with Chile and calling for a transversality of progressive leaders Chileans engaged in unity and critical reflection, independent of the party in which they militate, ”he said.

As explained by the group, for now the meeting would be held in the city of Valparaíso.

The meeting will be held one month after another meeting is held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where all the members of the Group are expected to attend, and only days after the presidential elections of that country are held.

Chile – In the Shadows of the UN

So much virtue signaling, so little actual standing for freedom and the people

Chile buckles under the orders of the Marxist UN.
Sebastian Piñera and human rights violations: “Abuses and crimes were committed and everyone’s rights were not respected.” This is what the president said in his address to the nation.
Not to mention that the serious insiders have been provoked, financed by extremist groups, infiltrators, Venezuelans, Cubans, Colombians, Argentines and Europeans all backed by NGOs. UN human rights groups. etc.

In his speech, the President also pointed out that his Government is ready for a new agreement that could go beyond the announced 20% increase in solidarity basic pensions. They were four days with almost no public appearances after a speech broadcast on national network that made more news for the omissions than for the sayings.
The night of this Sunday, Sebastián Piñera appeared again in front of cameras and microphones to address citizens. Twenty minutes after 9 pm, the President appeared on the front of the Palacio de La Moneda to read his speech. The first allusion was towards citizen mobilizations, reiterating that the Government has listened to citizen requests and that this “has meant valuable learning, because they represent fair and legitimate demands.” But neither did it refer to the total destruction that was done of the country in much of the Chilean territory.

Although in a tone too complacent, than in previous interventions, the president expressed condemnation of the acts of violence that have affected public and private heritage in these four weeks of social mobilizations. “We have all changed, because the social pact broke down and showed its wounds. We need to renew it together, and for that we must all unambiguously condemn the violence, wherever it comes from. ”

Who would destroy their own public infrastructure, the things that make life comfortable? Surely not freedom-loving Chilean patriots.

Center-right government continues to legitimize many of the assemblies of various NGOs. With a wide coverage of Marxist ideology of the main media, press and Television, advertising marketing and assemblies, against the police agencies themselves, armed forces, or people who do not conform to the global Marxist discourse. Referring to possible cases of human rights violations by State Police agents, he expressed his gratitude to the work of Carabineros, but acknowledging that “unfortunately, despite the firm commitment to protect human rights, in some cases they committed abuses and crimes, and the rights of all were not respected, “said the President, and then assured that” there will be no impunity with those who did acts of unusual violence, nor with those who committed abuses and abuses. We will do our best to assist the victims. ” Nor did the president refer to the various attacks that received many police precincts, such as military precincts, In addition to omitting the more 1800 injured police due to the total prohibition to defend and regulate public safety.

I have to admit, barrel shields are really quite ingenious

Regarding the so-called “Agreement for a new Constitution”, it is allegedly a “broad” agreement between the parties of the left, center right. But that in practice is nothing more than validating a system of submission of the people themselves to approve a constitution of communist court in the style of Venezuela and Cuba. Clearly, the Chilean president Sebastián Piñera once again supports the political coup d’etat, promoted through submitting, introducing the chaos and violence handled by the left, international Marxism, which operates in the different ministerial departments of the state, kidnapped more than 16 years, due to political corruption, Latin American narco-dictatorship and infiltration of foreign extremist groups etc.

Piñera also said: The changes lead to a broad and solid commitment, expressing confidence that citizen participation will be the majority at the time of one of the 3 plebiscites, the first scheduled for April next year 2020. He also did not mention or, did he question leftist parties, deputies, senators who widely promoted violence through all media and digital platforms. Today, we try to wash our hands and guilt, as if nothing had happened in Chile, in manifestation only the manifestations were used as a pretext to impose the UN Marxist Bolivarian constitution. So far there are no requests for the people of Chile, which were directly related to the political world that lives in a world that is alien to the reality of their own people, with the highest daily salaries in the world that make them live as true bourgeois and lifestyles as in the communist dictatorships themselves, creating transversely true family and political dynasties.

Finally, the head of government called on the political sectors to meet around a new transversal agreement, this time regarding pensions. “The next agreement we have to build is to improve pensions. Our Government is willing to move beyond the 20 percent that we have proposed, ”however, he recalled that efforts to improve the income of retirees must be made on a fiscal responsibility basis, particularly in the current context of the country that must face the costs of these weeks of social mobilizations.

Economic Report – Chile

Chile’s development path to underdevelopment and poverty.
External debt continues to grow and already exceeds 70% of GDP. In ruins lies the successful free market economic model of the 80s, 90s, 2000s, caused by false “democracies”, and the political system that ruled for almost 30 years in Chile. And today they are aggravated by chaos, the international Marxist attack that the South American nation is experiencing.
The indebtedness reached US $ 195,283 million, of which US $ 64,376 million correspond to payments scheduled for the next twelve months. External debt continued to expand in the third quarter and reached US $ 195,283 million, equivalent to 71.8% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a figure that represented an increase of US $ 1,499 million compared to the previous quarter when it reached 67.5% of the GDP, the Central Bank reported Monday.
Of the total US $ 64,376 million correspond to payments scheduled for the next twelve months, being 37.6% commitments with related companies. The increase in debt was determined by the companies, which increased their indebtedness by US $ 2.654 million (3.5%). This increase was explained by debt securities issues and bond revaluations, as well as loans received during the period.
In the same direction,the government increased its liabilities abroad by US $ 226 million (0.83%), due to rising prices and the issuance of bonds. On the other hand, banks, FDI companies and the Central Bank recorded a reduction in debt of US $ 633, US $ 377 and US $ 360 million, respectively. In the case of banks, the debt decreased due to the payment of their bond obligations; in the case of debt between related companies (FDI), for the depreciation of the Chilean peso against the dollar; and in the case of the Central Bank, for the sale of bonds issued in the local market by non-residents.

In terms of denomination currency, it was observed that 82.3% of the debt is in US dollars; 8.65%, in Chilean pesos; 5.7%, in euros, and the rest in other currencies. Regarding the residual short-term debt, it reached US $ 64,376 million at the end of September, 37.6% corresponding to payments with related companies abroad. In the third quarter, the current account registered a deficit of US $ 3,145 million, equivalent to 4.6% 1 / of GDP; With this, the negative balance accumulated in a mobile year was 3.5% of GDP.

Is this why they say ‘in the red’? Marxist ideology in action

Remembering Veterans

It doesn’t seem quite right to say “Happy”, so I will wish you all a solemn and thoughtful Veterans Day/Remembrance Day.

Let’s never forget the sacrifices of those who gave all so that we might have freedom.

Let’s not disrespect their sacrifices by failing to defend that freedom and handing it over to evil men.

I bring unfortunate news from the land mines of politically correct speech in Canada:

The Twitter outrage machine is in high gear, after Sportsnet fired 83 year old Don Cherry ON REMEMBRANCE DAY for scolding people for not wearing poppies and reminding them of those who gave all so that we might enjoy freedom today.

Yeah, that’s right, they publicly and ignominiously fired him, called him racist, bigot, xenophobe. Said his comments were hurtful to immigrants and diversity is our strength.  Then they gloated nauseatingly all over both social and mainstream media.  

What virtue signaling hell have we fallen into?  Has everyone completely gone crazy?  How does no one remember bits of wisdom like ‘show respect for your elders’ ‘honor those who gave their lives so that yours might be comfy’.

Don Cherry has had a long and storied career and is a great Canadian patriot.  As far as we know, he’s not a pedophile or a criminal.  He never rode the Lolita Express.  Yet he’s being publicly lynched by the social media mob.  FOR SPEAKING HIS MIND.  Which also happened to be the truth.

Don Cherry – of all the hills to die on, this was a good choice. It’s exposed the true colors and the real agenda that is afoot quite well.  Doing it on this day, is a blatant signal that what those warriors fought for, indeed – has been thrown away without a care.

Though I’ve never been a sports enthusiast, I enjoyed seeing Don’s crazy blazers and appreciated how he was known to always tell it like it is.

This is a sad day, because the democracy (demoncrazy?) mob has publicly lynched free speech and is now dancing on its grave.

So far he has refused to apologize.  I hope he never apologizes for speaking the truth!

Anarchy in Chile – an Update

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The intellect systems of Chile, did not work despite the globalist government of Sebastian Piñera and the various leftist political parties, socialist, communist parties, Frente Amplio, humanistas etc. With links to different NGOs, Soros, UN. They already had information, and planning of the calamity that was about to happen … “Call for sabotage and evasion of public transport in Santiago de Chile (transantiago-metro)”, this was the title of the pamphlet that circulated on October 6 and that It was published in various anarchist sites, including Contra-Info. The statement was signed “subversive anonymity” and the image was that of a burning micro.

The statement also indicated that “today October 6, 2019 we call on the territory of Santiago-Chile to sabotage and mass evasion of public transport systems. We can not remain hands-on to the onslaught of the governments of the day, the increases in the tickets are not a minor thing, so we call to rise against the oligarchy, against the system and capital. The so-called anarchist was, from Monday, October 7 of this year, to sabotage and evade, two things that manifested strongly from that date and that reached its maximum expression the weekend that passed, forcing the government to decree state of emergency, curfew and take out military. “A burnt micro will not give us anything back, neither will a pako. But it is the form we have had to take against power and its minions. ” In less than 72 hours, more than half of the capital’s Metro stations were burned and damaged between Friday and Sunday.The resurgence of anarchist action, which has reinvindicated several attacks and whose threats had to be taken seriously, both by the National Intelligence Agency, such as the police and the Interior Ministry, is framed within a month that has the movement very concerned for the closure of the High Security Prison and the transfer of its militant prisoners. According to the information handled by the anarchists, the CAS would close for “more than 4 months from October 10 for the remodeling of its facilities clearly with the purpose of re-founding the punishment regime with which this unit was originally born. 25 years”.

Then, on October 1, from jail they made “a strong and clear call to break the fragmentation and the distances that exist or may exist between all those who have autonomous anti-incarceration practices as a perspective of struggle against the State, the Jail and the Capital” .“Our perspective of struggle and conviction clearly point to the destruction of prison society, so we do not aspire to the freedom of prisoners because that would give them the conceptual privilege of calling capital democracy freedom, the normality of what exists.

We aspire to the total demolition of prisons, that there are no cages or confinement and along with it we embrace with those who Resist and Attack all over the world in the same pulse, in the same beat of our insurgent hearts ”, they point out. Following the logic of insurrectional anarchism, which tends to carry out actions so that they are later copied, imitated or repeated by other groups, relatives of prisoners, for example, police forces should be alert to these proclamations. Or ignore them as threats to the Metro. Then the links of the information and Antifas groups that operate in Chile. Antifa

Betrayal of a whole town. Left-wing deputies in Chile, loyal to Venezuela’s Maduro, present draft constitutional reform so that the country renounces war as a method of conflict resolution between states, laws set out in the various left-wing forums.

The initiative has a pure article that modifies the fundamental charter. It is justified that our country can make use of the “legitimate defense in case of war attack committed by foreign forces”, however “this right may not be invoked in order to execute or justify a war attack in foreign territory”.
Tomorrow is expected that the deputy, Tomás Hirsch (PH), presented with the parliamentarians Amaro Labra (PC), Maya Fernández (PS), Carolina Marzán (PPD), Vlado Mirosevic (PL), Gabriel Boric (Conv.) And Cristina Girardi (PPD), a constitutional reform project in Congress that seeks for Chile to renounce war as a method of conflict resolution.

Among the arguments to support the parliamentary initiative, the deputies indicate that “although the recognition of the principle of renunciation of war by Chile in international treaties, is a remarkable fact, we believe that it is necessary to incorporate this principle into our national legislation – specifically to our Political Constitution – in order to guarantee the full applicability of this principle at the national level ”.

In the document – which was accessed by La Tercera – it is explained that the foregoing “will allow giving explicit normative recognition to the principles and interests of Chile’s international policy prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

In the opinion of the parliamentarians who promote the initiative “Chile, even being a small country, has taken a leading position in the promotion of peace and nonviolence as a form of conflict resolution. Constitutionally renouncing the waiver of war as a way of resolving conflicts reinforces this position, also granting practical and moral leadership to the country within the framework of the global peace agenda. ”

Within the argument, they also refer to the regional scenario, where they indicate that today the existence of a possible armed conflict is “somewhat extemporaneous.”

“Latin America has also historically been an area characterized by low number of wars between states. That said, considering the existence of conflict hypothesis today seems somewhat timeless to the reality that we have to live. That Chile unilaterally decides to renounce war as a means of conflict resolution positions it as a pacifist vanguard in a region marked by the absence of warlike conflicts, ”they say in the document.

The project has only one article, which seeks to modify the Political Constitution of the Republic, creating “the next article 5th Bis”. Whose wording will say that “Chile repudiates and renounces to resort to war as an instrument of solution to disputes and conflicts between States.”

“Chile may exercise the right to self-defense in the event of a war attack committed by foreign forces, in order to defend the life or integrity of the population, bearing in mind the necessary proportionality, necessity and immediacy of the armed response. This right may not be invoked in order to execute or justify a war attack in foreign territory or as a means that has a purpose other than that indicated, in accordance with the international treaties ratified by Chile and that are in force, ”he adds.

Clear signal of peace
Deputy Hirsch, ideologue of the initiative, explained to La Tercera that “I am convinced that today it is necessary to give a clear and forceful signal in favor of peace. Just as we are experiencing environmental problems, just as a worldwide water crisis is coming, the reasons for a war may be some that we have not even imagined in the past. For this reason, it is important in the current and future context, to give clear signals of a commitment of our country in favor of peace and rejection of war ”.

The parliamentarian added that this initiative was a long-standing idea by the Humanists, rejecting violence in all its forms.

In that sense, he added that “the bill explicitly says that Chile repudiates and renounces to resort to war as an instrument of solution to disputes and conflicts between States, but we clearly make it clear that Chile will be able to exercise its right to self-defense in In case you receive a war attack. We are not talking about staying in arms. ”

But in addition, Hirsch stressed that “if this same commitment will be incorporated constitutionally by our neighboring countries, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and others in the region, military spending could be drastically lowered. We humanists propose reducing military spending, but proportionally between countries in the same region. ”…-metodo-resolucion-conflictos-estados/860787/

The left in Chile continues to rapidly implement the policies that promote the various UN agendas. Organization that seeks to finish, completely dismantle the bases of countries and nations in order to subject their citizens to the tyranny of a world government. The ultra-left Deputy Carmen Hertz, strongly promotes the adoption of a Gag Law, a project that is added to the process that will allow minors to vote from the age of 14 and up. Segment that will become the other arm of the left, which will be used as a political force to the interests of Marxism. The end will continue to impose the disastrous dictatorial laws that already have in that chaos to that country.

On the other hand, the fervent globalist, admirer of global globalization, Sebastián Piñera, president of Chile, urges his own congress to streamline UN laws. Those laws that will restrict the use of weapons, urge disarmament, and take away the power to defend their own citizens through self-defense and / or carrying weapons; The icing on the cake, the Chilean president has signed a series of agreements with his neighbors to create a “pro-Immigrant” corridor between Peru and Ecuador. Regardless of the fact that his nation already has more than two million false migrants, who are on the verge of collapse to the country in various areas such as health, education, agriculture, industry, economy and security, allowing the existence of various extremist groups. Not to forget, Chile was a prosperous country that left the military government, but in the mid-1990s the country began to be infiltrated dismantled by the international left, intentionally during the last 16 years by socialist governments, the Cuban, Venezuelan and Latin American left.

It seems that Chile will be part of that Marxist conglomerate that will unite America under the disastrous ideologies to the luciferian world state, a single America (South America), try to form a Marxist army (devised under the Sao Paulo forums) and realize the Bolivarian communist dream Allende, Chávez, Maduro, and the Cuban Castristas, commanded, led by the UN Luciferian entity itself.
Perhaps the dreams of the deep state are to invade the only independent nation that remains on the continent, the United States of America. Undoubtedly a dark Marxist ideological dream, its end to raise its 4 world dictatorial reich.

THIS WEEK SEBASTIAN PIÑERA PRESIDENT OF CHILE CAME OUT TO SAVE THE “PLANET”. Chile, one of the Latin American countries that has most adopted, promoted Marxist globalization.

Regardless of its destruction of its bases as a free, sovereign nation I have independent. Agendas promoted by the various presidents from 1990 until now in direct complicity with their politicians, quickly applying all UN agendas.
Since the time when Soviet dictator Nikita Kruschev launched a zapatazo in the middle of the session, he did not remember a UN assembly as uprooted and controversial as the one held in New York last week. Despite the fact that the Presidents took the time to refer to their national and personal interest issues, this Summit was marked by the global madness caused by the alarms on climate change.

Expressions were heard so dramatic that they gave chills, such as those of the Chilean President, who predicted that “if we do not do something, planet Earth will disappear”, while the early Swedish activist Greta Thunberg rebuked the leaders present (“they killed my childhood ”) For privileging their economic interests.

In the midst of this frenzy for the pure air, from which China and the United States are on the sidelines – neither more nor less, there was someone who took advantage of putting a touch of humor: Evo Morales. He reiterated his demand for sea for Bolivia and everyone, now, understood the message: he is on the eve of presidential elections and has more uncertainties than certainties about his re-election.

Within this apocalyptic vision, Sebastián Piñera, who rubbed shoulders with the pomegranate of the UN, received the ‘Global Citizen’ award, given by a group of organizations in recognition of his “permanent concern for the care of the planet”, and joined a suspicious Global Government, formed by a group of nations to govern all the others on the best management of the environment …

The President has several thin sides, but you have to recognize in him his lightning speed to get into the cars of populism. In his government program, they were never considered among his pillars, as he defined them, feminism, gender identity, sexual harassment and climate change, but he hardly snoozed that these are issues with great support from the masses, perched on the corresponding wave, and, moreover, became paladin of the respective causes.

Months ago he refused to sign the Agreement of Escazú, Latin American and Caribbean Summit on the environment, “for imposing regulations that contravene national sovereignty.” However, after this meeting of ecological leaders in Manhattan, announced to be willing to sign it, “although with some reservations” …

The brand new ‘Global Citizen’ was always clear about what he was going to do with his life: he proposed to be a millionaire, and he is; several years in advance – coincidentally in New York – he summoned journalists to announce that he was going to be President of the Republic, and he was; When leaving La Moneda, the next day he went on a campaign to return to it, and returned. A great opportunity explorer, he saw in the humanitarian conflict in Venezuela a door to chart his future as an international leader.

He was the Latin American leader of the onslaught against the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, and for this he articulated Grupo de Lima. Later, to prop up the right-wing governments in the region, devised PROSUR, whose launch was organized in La Moneda. Recently – because Chile is the next APEC headquarters – he was invited to the G 7 meeting in Paris, where he made crumbs with Enmanuel Macron, the first person responsible for France’s refusal to extradite Ricardo Palma, one of the murderers of Senator Jaime Guzmán.

To get in tune with the environmental music that prevails throughout the world, he had the courage to criticize Donald Trump harshly at the UN assembly, despite the fact that he presides over Chile’s second trading partner, and called on China to end the commercial war Moved, he praised the histrionic Greta Thumberg, urging millions of young people around the world to follow suit. This activist girl became an environmentalist after watching a TV series, where polar bears migrated from the Arctic because of the melting of the ice: the program was 1970 …

Without thinking twice, Piñera joined the Global Government supported by the UN and headed by Germany and France, whose first step was to declare the Amazon “world”, to which an indignant Jair Bolsonaro replied that “it is the lung of only the co-owner countries of that territory. No one will have dominion over Brazilian sovereignty. ”

No one of those attending the assembly used the word “global warming”, spread worldwide by the progressive former US Vice President Al Gore, because, a year ago, scientists notified the UN that the episode ended in 1990. Hence, officially, changed the name to “climate change”.

50 years ago that the desert arrived at the gates of Santiago, so that one more drought, such as the one that affects the central area today is not new. But this phenomenon, plus the alarmist announcement by the Minister of the Environment that, due to the rising seas, Iquique, Valparaíso, Coronel and Arauco will disappear, contributed to increasing a terrifying scenario in the country, which greatly exceeds, to Scientific studies on the subject. A solemn presidential promise assured that 2030 would not emit a single carbon particle, being that of all the national air pollution, CO2 constitutes only 0.001%.

On issues as sensitive as this, you should not let yourself be informed, but be informed. People have been told that Trump is a moron for not adhering to this Global Government, but he only limited himself to collecting studies from 31,000 scientists – not 3 or 4- who demonstrate mathematically that the picture is not so dreary or sinister as the UN paints, very interested in the creation of this Global Government that imposes universal laws, with more taxes, and this over the rules of each country. Chile, for some time now, has suffered the impact of having signed international treaties that pass over its legislation.

Who predicted the sinking of New York should offer public apologies and the American scientist and academic who predicted that “at this rate of pollution”, in 50 years there would be no life on the planet, he ended up revealing the falsity of his research and was put on trial .

The Earth has suffered, and endured, several global warming and the humans endured them, not the glacial eras, which devastated all kinds of life. Greenland, today invoked as a stereotype of tragedy for its loss of ice mass, was once fertile, inhabited and vineyard producing territory.

On the occasion of the industrial revolution, it was warned that it would be the first step towards the destruction of the planet. Over 70 years, the manufacturing sites in the world have multiplied infinitely and nobody, on the surface, has died due to lack of oxygen.

A recent fact, almost of the moment, makes it obligatory to reflect on the background of this universal hysteria – also Chilean, of course – by climate change. The same partners of the new Global Government, and tearing clothes for the exclusive prevalence of clean energy, were shocked by the sudden decline in oil production due to the attack on Saudi refineries. All, in unison, shouted in the sky, because the rise in the price of fuel would strongly impact their fragile economies, such as those of Merkel, Macron and Piñera.…/Esta-semana-PI%C3%91ERA-SALE-A-SA…

Foreign Ministry opens working tables to discuss the transfer of sovereignty to international bodies and the Pact of Bogotá…/cancilleria-abre-mesas-…/768842/

Hello world.

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