The Marxist March, Continued

January 23-26, Evo Morales attends a Marxist conclave in Chile. The meeting will be attended by various international leftist figures; Several of them under investigation for trafficking in …, influences, electoral fraud, promoting coups by states, marxist politicians (of the 21st century). In several countries in Europe, Latinoamerica, the clearest case, is the one that is being executed in Chile, under NGO supervision Soristas, Red Cross and UN control. Remember, this same meeting was suspended, and would take place between December 6 and 10, 2019 in Chile, with the name “Grupo de Puebla”, Sao Paulo Forum. It is now scheduled under another name “Forum …” sponsored, backed by the Chilean congress. Again the international Marxist narcosocialism will try to meet in Chile, but now under the facade of the organism of the “Latin American Forum of Human Rights”.

According to the Chilean press, the event will take place at the former Congress of the capital in Santiago. The meeting is promoted by the Chilean congress and the commission of the Senate in charge of “Human Rights”, chaired by the leftist Alejandro Navarro, Senator who maintains close ties with the communist domes, such as Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, In addition to having close links with the narco-dictatorships of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran etc. The former Marxist president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, will participate on January 23 and 26, in the first meeting of the “Latin American Forum of Human Rights”, an event that will be held in Santiago, Chile, as confirmed in the written press, the newspaper La Tercera (means of globalist written press). The event will take place at the former National Congress, located in the capital, Santiago. The “Forum” is promoted by the commission of the Senate, in charge of Human Rights, chaired by Alejandro Navarro. There Morales will be one of the 50 exhibitors who will participate in the event, another of the exhibitors will be the Spanish jurist Baltasar Garzón, who is part of the international legal team that helps Morales defend himself against the allegations of sedition, traffic and terrorism that weighs on his against in Bolivian justice. They will also exhibit politicians and jurists such as the Colombian Piedad Córdoba, the Argentine Oscar Laborde, the Ecuadorian Guamán Adoration, the French Alexis Corbière and the Spanish Juan Carlos Monedero, among others. According to the publication, it states that the forum aims to establish itself as a protective body capable of interceding in “the search for reparation and justice for those who have been victims of crimes against humanity in the world, pursuing, denouncing and condemning all those that violate these universal rights. “

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