The Disappointment of Michelle Bachelet’s Aunt

Dear niece, what have you become?

Letter to Michelle Bachelet Geria, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Michelle Bachelet: I may not miss this public letter that I am addressing you today: I have known you since you were born and that’s why everything you do and say has been under my magnifying glass.

From your few years of university, (because you never received a degree.) You militated in groups of extreme left, the socialist brigade ELMO CATALAN and then the MIR. Always trying to undermine the established order, driven by your strong Marxist convictions, instilled from your cradle by your mother Angela Geria, a communist militant.

Your father, my half brother Alberto, a complete and good man, just succumbed to the Marxist chant and participated in the most decadent position that an FFAA officer can hold: HEAD OF THE JAP (popular food supply boards) established by Allennde, in the face of food shortages so typical of communist countries.

His death, that you and your communist mother, tried to turn into a martyrdom, was the result of the manipulations that you exercised to convince him to carry out such a denigrating mission: to protect the rationing of a people, which throughout its history has never He had known such humiliation and famine.

Today, as you have not learned the lesson, that the Chilean people will never surrender to the sinister Marxist plan.
You use your high position, as Commissioner of human rights, to try again to subdue a country, who loves their freedom and is willing to give their lives for Democracy and Freedom.

Where are the human rights of 54.5% of the people of Chile who elected Sebastian Piñera as President of the nation?
Where is the plurality of observers in Chile?

Why are your representatives and commissioners headed by Mr. Micco all Marxists? You who always declared yourself in favor of plurality? Why do you attack the Forces of Order, represented by. Carabineros, who do nothing but repel the REVOLUTION OF MARXUSM? Do you attack the armed forces, which one day your father had the honor of integrating? And that later, they helped you out of the country.

It was Generals Leigh and Mattei, who took you and your mother from Chile. Giving you the option of choosing the country to settle in, and you curiously chose the most communist of the regimes of the time: East Germany, for the intimate friendship your mother had with the wife and the Dictator Horneker, a recognized human rights violator, that you ironically defend today!

Everything that represents order and stability makes you appear as contrary to human rights!
And ours where are they? Our churches are raped, attacked and burned. Your women, who say they are emancipated, challenge with our repetitive feminist chant to our Sanctuary of Maipú, symbol of the freedom and independence of Chile.

Freedom of worship, professing a faith and the respect that it entails, IS ALSO A HUMAN RIGHT, but you as an atheist and little nationalist say nothing: shut up and grant!
Chile, a country respected and admired in the world for its sobriety and republican spirit, has become a laugh, where its Chamber of Deputies, composed of petty clowns, ignorant and disrespectful, have become a poor circus and without arguments.Where you can not move freely, because hooded mobs attack and destroy everything in its path.

I congratulate you Michelle ‘with your carelessness you have achieved, what seemed impossible yesterday: destroy our economy, so admired by our Latin American brothers, you have managed to introduce a severance that will reach two digits, you have destroyed the sources of work, SMEs, our transport system Why do you mention anything in your UN report? Isn’t freedom of work and displacement a human right?
But your “Creole Marxist observers, they say nothing, shut up, making eyes blind to Chilean reality.

Oh Michelle, what a pity you give me! Your life has been a farce, you tell yourself Doctor, and you are not, Democrat and neither are you, friend of the people, but you have enriched yourself at the expense of him. All yours is a falsehood.

Your children are a disaster, your private life another. The only thing that saves you is your love for your mother, which humanizes you, but it is the consequence of the death of my brother, your father.
How your half aunt consanguineous, I tell you: you are a shame for the family! Because you are a homeland vendor and you have devoted yourself entirely to a harmful dogma, strange to the idiosyncrasies of the majority of the Chilean nation: Marxism, you are a discarded and the family does not care, because you lack the values ​​that have made this country great. You only care about the triumph of an ideology alien to the vast majority of Chile, and that will not be forgiven by history!

Not only are you a shame for our family, but worse than a shame for Chile.

Patricia Puga M.

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