Say NO to the March of Marxist Socialism in LATIN AMÉRICA.

:flag_cl: José Antonio kast Rist: Launches propaganda for the “No” to the new Constitution, a Marxist social that is desired to impose in the South American country, I also point out that by 2020, there is an opportunity to progress and reject a “new” Constitution with a blank sheet, which only It seeks political ends and benefits and will not address Chile’s deficiencies or its social demands.

José Antonio Kast said “there is no time to lose.” The leader of the Chilean Republican Party will broadcast radio notices, despite the official campaign period starting on February 26.

As of this Tuesday, the founder of the Republican Party, José Antonio Kast, will begin spreading propaganda for the “No” to a new Constitution, within the framework of the referendum convened for April 26, 2020.

“There is no time to lose, there are less than four months left for the plebiscite and the Chileans have to inform themselves about the deception of this new Constitution,” the former presidential president told La Tercera.

As explained by the former deputy, in a first stage the propaganda will be focused on radio advertising and the dissemination of messages through different social networks.  “This is the first of several spots that we want to spread on radios and social networks,” he added.

Kast also said he was waiting for how the National Television Council will solve the spaces of the free television propaganda strip for the different options before the April consultation.

“The agreement is a constitutional collusion and from the Frente Amplio to the UDI they want to capture all the plebiscite spaces,” he said.

Servel clarifies deadlines (Electoral Service)

Although the publicity contracted by José Antonio Kast will begin to be transmitted from today, yesterday the Servel clarified that the legal period of political propaganda for the plebiscite officially begins on February 26.

“The propaganda period begins 60 days before the consultation, that is, on February 26,” said the president of the board of directors of Servel, Patricio Santamaría.

Excusing himself of referring to a particular case, Santamaría added that the rule applies to parties and that actions that individuals may take in this area are not regulated.

“The problem is that today we can only control the propaganda of political parties, activities that can be carried out by natural or legal persons or civil society organizations or movements are not regulated,” he said.

Other sources consulted also pointed out that there is a gray area regarding what happens with parties in formation.  Although the Republican Party aspires to be a national community, it has already registered in four regions (O’Higgins, el Maule, Ñuble and La Araucanía).

In addition, Kast said that the propaganda hired is being financed with personal resources of the former deputy.

2020, the most important year in Chile, This is what José Antonio kast referred to in his opinion column Jak: Contrary to what some think, rejecting this new Constitution born of blackmail and violence may be the most patriotic act committed to  Our story we can make.

Last day of a hectic year, full of emotions and anguish, which has lengthened so much that we never thought it would end.  But it ends, and tomorrow begins another that will be even more difficult for our country and where we already know that fundamental things are played for the future of our compatriots.

On April 26, 2020 we will have a national referendum, where more than 14 million Chileans will have the opportunity, through the approval or rejection of the New Constitution, an opportunity to judge what has happened in Chile in the last 40 years  and outline what you expect to happen in the next 40.

Beyond chimuchina and populism, the data shows that Chile is the most successful country of the last 40 years in Latin America and that its social, economic and institutional progress is an example for the region and for the world.  Perhaps the most concrete and expressive fact of this is how we have advanced in the Human Development Index, which measures much more than the economy and shows how there are nations that are involved and others are rightly going backwards. In this index, data on health, education, economy and others show how we have advanced towards a much more comprehensive development and that, in the aggregate, millions of Chileans have benefited from this progress.

Without a doubt, we need much more.  The challenges of modernity have also evidenced the shortcomings that our people have, the anguishes of the middle class, and the problems that the most vulnerable suffer.  To say that our structure and constitutional trajectory has been successful does not seek to slam the demands and social urgencies, but to put in perspective the place where we are located and from where we want to move forward.

In Chile we have many outstanding debts on issues such as health, education, public safety and pensions, for which we need deep reforms that allow us to continue making progress.  Our only objection is that it is not necessary to change our Fundamental Charter, nor to submit it to the full scrutiny of a blank sheet, in order to materialize those changes. In the last three months the country has become poorer, more unequal and less attractive to foreigners and investors. Trusts have weakened and the bitterness of our people overflows the streets and offices of our narrow strip of land.

The economy and employment will be greatly affected in the coming months and the nation’s debts will increase, pressing various rates and going back to the situation many years ago.  Even so, the Constitutional Plebiscite will be an opportunity to carry out the critical judgment and ratify our adherence to the successes and challenges of our current Fundamental Charter.

Contrary to what some think, rejecting this new Constitution born of blackmail and violence may be the most patriotic act committed to our history.  It is an opportunity to stop this blank check process that some want to give to the violentists and ratify the path that Chile chose towards development and freedom.  It is up to each one of us that this 2020 is not the last year of our lives as a free, independent country in search of development.  There is a lot at stake.

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