Betrayal of a whole town. Left-wing deputies in Chile, loyal to Venezuela’s Maduro, present draft constitutional reform so that the country renounces war as a method of conflict resolution between states, laws set out in the various left-wing forums.

The initiative has a pure article that modifies the fundamental charter. It is justified that our country can make use of the “legitimate defense in case of war attack committed by foreign forces”, however “this right may not be invoked in order to execute or justify a war attack in foreign territory”.
Tomorrow is expected that the deputy, Tomás Hirsch (PH), presented with the parliamentarians Amaro Labra (PC), Maya Fernández (PS), Carolina Marzán (PPD), Vlado Mirosevic (PL), Gabriel Boric (Conv.) And Cristina Girardi (PPD), a constitutional reform project in Congress that seeks for Chile to renounce war as a method of conflict resolution.

Among the arguments to support the parliamentary initiative, the deputies indicate that “although the recognition of the principle of renunciation of war by Chile in international treaties, is a remarkable fact, we believe that it is necessary to incorporate this principle into our national legislation – specifically to our Political Constitution – in order to guarantee the full applicability of this principle at the national level ”.

In the document – which was accessed by La Tercera – it is explained that the foregoing “will allow giving explicit normative recognition to the principles and interests of Chile’s international policy prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

In the opinion of the parliamentarians who promote the initiative “Chile, even being a small country, has taken a leading position in the promotion of peace and nonviolence as a form of conflict resolution. Constitutionally renouncing the waiver of war as a way of resolving conflicts reinforces this position, also granting practical and moral leadership to the country within the framework of the global peace agenda. ”

Within the argument, they also refer to the regional scenario, where they indicate that today the existence of a possible armed conflict is “somewhat extemporaneous.”

“Latin America has also historically been an area characterized by low number of wars between states. That said, considering the existence of conflict hypothesis today seems somewhat timeless to the reality that we have to live. That Chile unilaterally decides to renounce war as a means of conflict resolution positions it as a pacifist vanguard in a region marked by the absence of warlike conflicts, ”they say in the document.

The project has only one article, which seeks to modify the Political Constitution of the Republic, creating “the next article 5th Bis”. Whose wording will say that “Chile repudiates and renounces to resort to war as an instrument of solution to disputes and conflicts between States.”

“Chile may exercise the right to self-defense in the event of a war attack committed by foreign forces, in order to defend the life or integrity of the population, bearing in mind the necessary proportionality, necessity and immediacy of the armed response. This right may not be invoked in order to execute or justify a war attack in foreign territory or as a means that has a purpose other than that indicated, in accordance with the international treaties ratified by Chile and that are in force, ”he adds.

Clear signal of peace
Deputy Hirsch, ideologue of the initiative, explained to La Tercera that “I am convinced that today it is necessary to give a clear and forceful signal in favor of peace. Just as we are experiencing environmental problems, just as a worldwide water crisis is coming, the reasons for a war may be some that we have not even imagined in the past. For this reason, it is important in the current and future context, to give clear signals of a commitment of our country in favor of peace and rejection of war ”.

The parliamentarian added that this initiative was a long-standing idea by the Humanists, rejecting violence in all its forms.

In that sense, he added that “the bill explicitly says that Chile repudiates and renounces to resort to war as an instrument of solution to disputes and conflicts between States, but we clearly make it clear that Chile will be able to exercise its right to self-defense in In case you receive a war attack. We are not talking about staying in arms. ”

But in addition, Hirsch stressed that “if this same commitment will be incorporated constitutionally by our neighboring countries, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and others in the region, military spending could be drastically lowered. We humanists propose reducing military spending, but proportionally between countries in the same region. ”…-metodo-resolucion-conflictos-estados/860787/

The left in Chile continues to rapidly implement the policies that promote the various UN agendas. Organization that seeks to finish, completely dismantle the bases of countries and nations in order to subject their citizens to the tyranny of a world government. The ultra-left Deputy Carmen Hertz, strongly promotes the adoption of a Gag Law, a project that is added to the process that will allow minors to vote from the age of 14 and up. Segment that will become the other arm of the left, which will be used as a political force to the interests of Marxism. The end will continue to impose the disastrous dictatorial laws that already have in that chaos to that country.

On the other hand, the fervent globalist, admirer of global globalization, Sebastián Piñera, president of Chile, urges his own congress to streamline UN laws. Those laws that will restrict the use of weapons, urge disarmament, and take away the power to defend their own citizens through self-defense and / or carrying weapons; The icing on the cake, the Chilean president has signed a series of agreements with his neighbors to create a “pro-Immigrant” corridor between Peru and Ecuador. Regardless of the fact that his nation already has more than two million false migrants, who are on the verge of collapse to the country in various areas such as health, education, agriculture, industry, economy and security, allowing the existence of various extremist groups. Not to forget, Chile was a prosperous country that left the military government, but in the mid-1990s the country began to be infiltrated dismantled by the international left, intentionally during the last 16 years by socialist governments, the Cuban, Venezuelan and Latin American left.

It seems that Chile will be part of that Marxist conglomerate that will unite America under the disastrous ideologies to the luciferian world state, a single America (South America), try to form a Marxist army (devised under the Sao Paulo forums) and realize the Bolivarian communist dream Allende, Chávez, Maduro, and the Cuban Castristas, commanded, led by the UN Luciferian entity itself.
Perhaps the dreams of the deep state are to invade the only independent nation that remains on the continent, the United States of America. Undoubtedly a dark Marxist ideological dream, its end to raise its 4 world dictatorial reich.

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