THIS WEEK SEBASTIAN PIÑERA PRESIDENT OF CHILE CAME OUT TO SAVE THE “PLANET”. Chile, one of the Latin American countries that has most adopted, promoted Marxist globalization.

Regardless of its destruction of its bases as a free, sovereign nation I have independent. Agendas promoted by the various presidents from 1990 until now in direct complicity with their politicians, quickly applying all UN agendas.
Since the time when Soviet dictator Nikita Kruschev launched a zapatazo in the middle of the session, he did not remember a UN assembly as uprooted and controversial as the one held in New York last week. Despite the fact that the Presidents took the time to refer to their national and personal interest issues, this Summit was marked by the global madness caused by the alarms on climate change.

Expressions were heard so dramatic that they gave chills, such as those of the Chilean President, who predicted that “if we do not do something, planet Earth will disappear”, while the early Swedish activist Greta Thunberg rebuked the leaders present (“they killed my childhood ”) For privileging their economic interests.

In the midst of this frenzy for the pure air, from which China and the United States are on the sidelines – neither more nor less, there was someone who took advantage of putting a touch of humor: Evo Morales. He reiterated his demand for sea for Bolivia and everyone, now, understood the message: he is on the eve of presidential elections and has more uncertainties than certainties about his re-election.

Within this apocalyptic vision, Sebastián Piñera, who rubbed shoulders with the pomegranate of the UN, received the ‘Global Citizen’ award, given by a group of organizations in recognition of his “permanent concern for the care of the planet”, and joined a suspicious Global Government, formed by a group of nations to govern all the others on the best management of the environment …

The President has several thin sides, but you have to recognize in him his lightning speed to get into the cars of populism. In his government program, they were never considered among his pillars, as he defined them, feminism, gender identity, sexual harassment and climate change, but he hardly snoozed that these are issues with great support from the masses, perched on the corresponding wave, and, moreover, became paladin of the respective causes.

Months ago he refused to sign the Agreement of Escazú, Latin American and Caribbean Summit on the environment, “for imposing regulations that contravene national sovereignty.” However, after this meeting of ecological leaders in Manhattan, announced to be willing to sign it, “although with some reservations” …

The brand new ‘Global Citizen’ was always clear about what he was going to do with his life: he proposed to be a millionaire, and he is; several years in advance – coincidentally in New York – he summoned journalists to announce that he was going to be President of the Republic, and he was; When leaving La Moneda, the next day he went on a campaign to return to it, and returned. A great opportunity explorer, he saw in the humanitarian conflict in Venezuela a door to chart his future as an international leader.

He was the Latin American leader of the onslaught against the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, and for this he articulated Grupo de Lima. Later, to prop up the right-wing governments in the region, devised PROSUR, whose launch was organized in La Moneda. Recently – because Chile is the next APEC headquarters – he was invited to the G 7 meeting in Paris, where he made crumbs with Enmanuel Macron, the first person responsible for France’s refusal to extradite Ricardo Palma, one of the murderers of Senator Jaime Guzmán.

To get in tune with the environmental music that prevails throughout the world, he had the courage to criticize Donald Trump harshly at the UN assembly, despite the fact that he presides over Chile’s second trading partner, and called on China to end the commercial war Moved, he praised the histrionic Greta Thumberg, urging millions of young people around the world to follow suit. This activist girl became an environmentalist after watching a TV series, where polar bears migrated from the Arctic because of the melting of the ice: the program was 1970 …

Without thinking twice, Piñera joined the Global Government supported by the UN and headed by Germany and France, whose first step was to declare the Amazon “world”, to which an indignant Jair Bolsonaro replied that “it is the lung of only the co-owner countries of that territory. No one will have dominion over Brazilian sovereignty. ”

No one of those attending the assembly used the word “global warming”, spread worldwide by the progressive former US Vice President Al Gore, because, a year ago, scientists notified the UN that the episode ended in 1990. Hence, officially, changed the name to “climate change”.

50 years ago that the desert arrived at the gates of Santiago, so that one more drought, such as the one that affects the central area today is not new. But this phenomenon, plus the alarmist announcement by the Minister of the Environment that, due to the rising seas, Iquique, Valparaíso, Coronel and Arauco will disappear, contributed to increasing a terrifying scenario in the country, which greatly exceeds, to Scientific studies on the subject. A solemn presidential promise assured that 2030 would not emit a single carbon particle, being that of all the national air pollution, CO2 constitutes only 0.001%.

On issues as sensitive as this, you should not let yourself be informed, but be informed. People have been told that Trump is a moron for not adhering to this Global Government, but he only limited himself to collecting studies from 31,000 scientists – not 3 or 4- who demonstrate mathematically that the picture is not so dreary or sinister as the UN paints, very interested in the creation of this Global Government that imposes universal laws, with more taxes, and this over the rules of each country. Chile, for some time now, has suffered the impact of having signed international treaties that pass over its legislation.

Who predicted the sinking of New York should offer public apologies and the American scientist and academic who predicted that “at this rate of pollution”, in 50 years there would be no life on the planet, he ended up revealing the falsity of his research and was put on trial .

The Earth has suffered, and endured, several global warming and the humans endured them, not the glacial eras, which devastated all kinds of life. Greenland, today invoked as a stereotype of tragedy for its loss of ice mass, was once fertile, inhabited and vineyard producing territory.

On the occasion of the industrial revolution, it was warned that it would be the first step towards the destruction of the planet. Over 70 years, the manufacturing sites in the world have multiplied infinitely and nobody, on the surface, has died due to lack of oxygen.

A recent fact, almost of the moment, makes it obligatory to reflect on the background of this universal hysteria – also Chilean, of course – by climate change. The same partners of the new Global Government, and tearing clothes for the exclusive prevalence of clean energy, were shocked by the sudden decline in oil production due to the attack on Saudi refineries. All, in unison, shouted in the sky, because the rise in the price of fuel would strongly impact their fragile economies, such as those of Merkel, Macron and Piñera.…/Esta-semana-PI%C3%91ERA-SALE-A-SA…

Foreign Ministry opens working tables to discuss the transfer of sovereignty to international bodies and the Pact of Bogotá…/cancilleria-abre-mesas-…/768842/

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